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Theater Community Freemium2Premium Platform

“Maureen is incredible.”

Project Brief

Design a website that connects all players in the theatrical community and facilitates the collaborations that typically take place between them.

Success / Feedback

Client was extremely happy with all aspects of the work.

Challenges That I Overcame

  • There are a substantial number of personas with very different needs and goals.
  • The site goals were impressively lofty but there were a lot of hurdles to conquer (both strategic and executional).
  • There were a multitude of filters: to find information, collaborators, and collaboration opportunities. Additionally, the client’s strategy is a “freemium to premium” model. As such, the filters are complex for freemium subscribers but the complexity expands exponentially for premium subscribers.

Direct Contributions

  • UX Design (wireframes)
  • Information Architecture (site map)
  • Process Flows (signup, engagement)
  • Functionality Design & Guidance (for document submission and collaboration)
  • Process Flows (user collaborations)
  • Filtering Design & Guidance (complex and multi-phased filters)