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Collaborative, highly effective…and I love what I do.

Some more tidbits…

Personality – I’m highly collaborative, have no ego, and I’m not easily stressed.

Effective – Twice during my career, positions I vacated needed to be filled by two people in order exact the same level of productivity and quality of work as when I held the position.

Imitated – Sometime after joining a competing company, I was given a strategic sales document used to create the previous year’s budget.  I was to review it in preparation for the upcoming budgeting season.

As I read the document, I was surprised to see that the strategic thinking was very much in line with my own.  Then, at some point I realized the document was the very one I had written while at my prior company…verbatim.

It had been given to the new company by another employee that had left my previous firm a year or so prior to me.  At first, I was furious at someone passing off my work as his own but then I remembered that “imitation is the highest form of flattery.”

How I got to where I am now

I had a successful career in the sales planning departments of broadcast advertising companies (Westwood One, Jones/MediaAmerica, Inc., ABC Radio Networks, ABC Television Network).

At each company, in addition to my primary responsibilities, I was called upon to design system functionality and user interfaces for proprietary software used for many facets of the sales process, and related operations.

And I liked it all very much.  But I was an early adapter to the web.  I saw its enormous potential but was equally frustrated with its inability to make purchasing and information gathering easy and worthwhile.

First generation sites had fallen short of delivering the promise of the web to their visitors, and to their organizations, due to a lack of usability considerations.

In 2002, I formed Usability Medic, Inc. to help firms remedy the usability issues that exist on their sites and their applications.

And…I love what I do!