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I’m truly humbled.

Maureen is one of the best Usability people that I have worked with in a long time. She is always open to other’s suggestions and opinions with regard to the final deliverable. I highly recommend her for any UI redesign effort.

Senior Project Manager, Pocurestaff

…feedback I got from the team:
from Terry: gotta go, but this is exactly inline with our thinking
from Kim: My thought is WOW, I want this all now!
from Jen: so I think we can do this — it’s what we need to do if we want our data to match the vision / experience we’re moving to

Client Stakeholders, Intel

Maureen’s ability to facilitate meetings is exceptional. She was able to communicate her ideas to various types of audience (from development to business). When Maureen presented her vision to the Leadership Team she made them so excited and got their approval immediately. Their comments were “When can we get this?!

Systems Analyst, Procurestaff

I never have to worry about you. You’re tenacious. You will do whatever it takes.

Director, Information Architecture, MRM Worldwide

I’m thrilled. So thorough…I don’t know anyone else who has the patience for this.

President of Marketing, Direct Marketing Association

You’ve added tremendous value to our team and I really appreciate your efforts. I look forward to seeing your concepts become reality.

VP, Strategy & Client Services, Procurestaff

This is amazing.  We’re going to hire Maureen for OUR projects..

Partner / Co-founder, Visual Mercenary Group

The research work you did was excellent. I’m not saying that because the client appreciated it (although they did); I’m saying that because it was smart and useful information. … I just wanted to thank you for distilling it down into useful summaries and actionable intelligence we can use for a better, smarter, more intuitive user experience.

Strategy/Copywriter/Creative Director, HARDNUT Advertising

Maureen’s a genius.

Account Supervisor, MRM Worldwide

The POV document for navigation approaches was excellent…guidance without being condescending….just informative….exceeded his expectations.

Account Manager, Cult Health

Maureen is incredible.

Project Manager, [stealth company]

Just wanted to pass along that I had an excellent conference call with Maureen today.  I’m already looking forward to my next sync up.

VP of Advanced Technology Group, ShoreGroup

You will be missed. You’ve set a high bar. People have asked more than once if we could hire you outright.

SVP, Director of Digital, Strategy, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

I want to thank everybody….[for the] feedback on the design concepts presented for IxDA Conan, our website redesign project. Special thanks for the most cogent & detailed feedback from IxDA members goes to Maureen Murphy...

Creative Director & Project Manager,, IxDA Redesign Project

(I was) Happy to tell her how awesome you are.

Product Manager, Patch.com

…Thanks, our IA, Maureen, put a lot of thought into them.

Digital Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness

Maureen is great. Can we keep her?

Creative Designer, Patch.com

Thank you for your work. Client is obviously pleased and so are we.
Director of User Experience, VML