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Extensive Competitive Analysis

“The research work you did was excellent. I’m not saying that because the client appreciated it (although they did); I’m saying that because it was smart and useful information. … I just wanted to thank you for distilling it down into useful summaries and actionable intelligence we can use for a better, smarter, more intuitive user experience.”

Project Brief

The agency’s client had recently merged with several companies in the same space and was trying to figure out how best to market the newly formed company and position itself against large, established, and well-known, competitors.

I was tasked with doing an in-depth competitive analysis, concentrating on several topics / questions that were key for the client.

I thoroughly reviewed each competitor site, hunting for the applicable information.

Within the deliverable, I summarized how the competitors organized and presented their site content for each topic area / question.

Additionally within each topic area / question, I provided guidance for how the client should handle it on the new site.

I also included an appendix of screen captures and annotations, which provided more details.

Success / Feedback

  • Agency client was thrilled, and apparently so was the client company.
  • (See quote at top.)

Challenges That I Overcame

  • Explorations of this nature generally don’t pose challenges but there was an enormous amount of information to review, evaluate, corral, and distill.
  • Balancing the need for detail with the need to provide digestible and meaningful insights.

Direct Contributions

  • Extensive Competitive Analysis
  • Information Architecture Guidance
  • Content Guidance