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Recruiting Web App (SaaS)

“You’ve added tremendous value to our team and I really appreciate your efforts. I look forward to seeing your concepts become reality.”

“Maureen’s ability to facilitate meetings is exceptional.”

“Maureen is one of the best Usability people that I have worked with in a long time…I highly recommend her for any UI redesign effort”

Project Brief

This is an oldie but goodie.

The 2-phased, 6-month consultancy encompassed a variety of deliverables for a large, complex web application in the recruiting industry that serviced hiring managers, recruiters, and contractors alike, in a single digital marketplace.

Success / Feedback

  • The presentation of my findings, and my high-level design recommendations so impressed my boss that he requested a two hour block for me to present them to the President and his Leadership Committee in their next monthly meeting.
  • While I described one of my primary solutions, the Vice President of New Business told the room that he was recently in a meeting with Microsoft (as a potential new client).  The folks in that meeting had asked for precisely the feature I was recommending.
  • I was asked to give my presentation to all departments (including the dev team) to educate them as to the software’s usability issues.
  • I thought the dev team might be a tough audience for this subject matter. Not only were they interested and eager to ask questions, in the days that followed they began coming to me regarding things that were already in their pipeline of work, to ask for my POV on the UX of what they were building.
  • My contract was extended to flesh out the details of my high-level design recommendations.

Challenges That I Overcame

  • Large volume of content (records)
  • No exiting user research or insights
  • No direct access to users
  • System was built for one user type when four primary user types were ultimately identified during my discovery.

Direct Contributions

  • UX Research (user interviews) – Since there was no existing research and no access to end users, I opted to use the client’s service team (who worked closely with customer users) as user surrogates and conducted in-depth interviews with them.
  • Deep product exploration & testing
  • Personas (crafting & guidance)
  • UX Audit & High-level recommendations
  • Overhaul of the Information Architecture
  • UX Design (wireframes) for all major features of the application
  • UX Design (wireframes) for a dashboard
  • Process Improvement, including the detection of two manual process points that could be eliminated via automation
  • Consulting and UX Design of new features
  • Educate every department about UX