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Local Marketing Automation Platform (SaaS)

“Your feedback on our user experience has already lead to a lot of positive discussions for us.”

“I thought the report was great by the way. Nice job!

Project Brief

Audit the existing interfaces for a marketing asset management platform.

Success / Feedback

All stakeholders were extremely pleased with the deliverable. For some it was eye-opening regarding the many aspects of the platform that were impeding users.

For their in-house UX Designers, however, it was invaluable. It vetted everything they had been vying for internally. Their recommendations hadn’t been being heard but now had a voice.

Additional Success Measurement

Approximately 1 year later they hired me as the UX Architect.

Challenges That I Overcame

Each of the platform’s clients have slightly different instances of the software. So the audit required looking at multiple instances and pulling the findings together into a single cohesive evaluation.

Direct Contributions

  • UX Audit
  • Guidance

Audit sample

Audit sample

Audit sample

Audit sample

Audit sample