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Entertainment Showcase & Community

Project Brief

Design a site for showcasing entertainment properties and connecting enthusiasts to each other.

Additionally, the design needed to be scalable since the volume and categorizations of videos were expected to grow. And it needed to accommodate future state e-commerce and “social chatter” aspects.

Success Measurements

Client was extremely happy with the design and during our worksession, came to understand information architecture, as well as, the rationale for things I recommended…or recommended against.

Challenges That I Overcame

  • The nested hierarchy of the entertainment properties was challenging to put into a presentation that was not too daunting for users who might not be that web-savvy.
  • Due to the nature of the audience, fairly recognizable (and consistent) pages layouts, design patterns, action icons (like ‘share’, ‘add to playlist’, etc.) needed to be utilized.
  • While the experience was primarily about viewing videos, the IA could not be suffered due to the large volume and inconsistent categorization of the videos.
  • Needed to balance the desire to showcase videos with the ability for users to browse without needing to explore an inordinate number of pages.

Direct Contributions

  • Information Architecture (site map)
  • UX Design (wireframes)
  • Client Guidance (worksessions)

Design close-up

Wireframe sample

Wireframe sample

Wireframe sample