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Emergency Consultation

“This puts us in very good shape to describe and defend our vision of the site structure.”

“Awesome meeting today guys. Rich P very impressed. Thanks to all for the long weekend work.”

Project Brief

A former client called me in a panic one Friday evening, needing me to be on-site with their client first thing Monday morning, regarding a project with which I had NOT been involved.

Another agency had been brought on to the project for a specific purpose but was imposing an information architecture of their liking.

My client agency said it needed my expertise to refine “our IA” and defend it to the client.

The end client is located in NJ and I live on Long Island. Commuting Monday morning would not have enabled me to be there on time. My agency client said it would do anything to facilitate my “critical” presence in the meeting. As such, it paid for a hotel for me on Sunday night.

I worked late into the night on the site map and related guidance, presented it in the meeting, and explained why it was the better approach.

Success Measurements

  • The end client was extremely pleased, not only for the IA itself but for the expertise and guidance I imparted.
  • My agency client was claiming they were forever in my debt.

Challenges That I Overcame

  • No background or familiarity with the project.
  • Only 1.5 days to get familiar with the project and prepare the deliverables.
  • Battled a raging snowstorm on the drive to NJ which almost prevented me from getting there.

Direct Contributions

  • Information Architecture (site map)
  • Expert guidance regarding IA principles
  • Lead the client meeting

Site Map (high level)