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Content Guidance – Professional Forum

“Maureen nailed it. The client told the creative team, “This is pretty but you don’t understand our audience.”

Everything in Maureen’s document was spot on to the audience.”

Project Brief

Content assessment and point of view to inform and advise the creative team on appropriate site content to be up-leveled into a microsite for a specific audience segment (effectively, a social forum for IT professionals).

(While the deliverable is merely a Word document, the impact and result is significant.)

Success / Feedback

My assessment and recommendations were proven to be spot on.

The creative team had maintained its belief that this should be brochureware and paid a Flash developer to have that experience built.

The client’s response to the that implementation was, “Well, it’s pretty but…you don’t understand our audience.”

Additionally, the account team shared with me that the client made several statements as to what the experience should be like and each of the comments mimicked a point I had made in my recommendations. The account team told my boss “She nailed it!” and “The creative team screwed up”.

Challenges That I Overcame

  • Minimal information about the personas.
  • Limited competitive inspiration

Direct Contributions

  • Content Guidance Document
  • Inquiries to equivalent personas in my personal network (for insights)
  • Scouring content from many forums (to provide samples)
  • Competitive Research (for vetting my recommendations)