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Asthma Flare-up Tracking App

Project Brief

Create a mobile app that enables asthma sufferers to track their asthma attacks (thus enabling them to more accurately report their “flare up” history to their doctors).

The work did not require traditional wireframes but rather, a more high level and conceptual document for the client to understand the general features of the proposed app.

Success / Feedback

Client was very happy with the idea and design, touted it as “coming soon” on the home page of the website, and sought funding to develop it.

Challenges That I Overcame

  • There is a long list of asthma triggers but each sufferer only experiences a few, unique to him/her, on a regular basis.
  • The app was to be utilized right after an attack so it was important that it be easy and not burdensome to the users. As such, I designed the concept of a “short list” for use after the first time a user designated their triggers.
  • The concept was pitched in the early days of mobile and the client was particulalrly “in the dark” about mobile apps. Thus, the presentation needed to be simple, yet educational.

Direct Contributions

  • Concept UX Design (light wireframe)
  • Feature guidance (light wireframe)
  • Functional specifications

Concept design sample

Guidance and Functional Specification

Concept design sample

Concept design sample

Concept design sample