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A Concept So Good It Became A Design

“Amazing job.  Client gets it now. And the 3rd party implementation partner is going to actually use this as a design.”

Project Brief

Client was looking for a tool to enable its content authors to easily and accurately tag content for the voluminous number of pages on its multinational website.

Our agency hired an expert in controlled vocabularies to educate the agency and the client to the concept, and how one would be used to enable content authors to tag content in a consistent manner.

However, the client had difficulty understanding the concepts.

I was asked to create a visualization to make it easier for the client to understand how a controlled vocabulary could be employed for tagging content.

It was NOT intended to be a design, just a conceptual illustration. But, the third party firm which was building the tool took my illustration, exactly as designed, and built it as a custom interface for the client.


Success / Feedback

  • Account manager was thrilled
  • Client finally understood how controlled vocabularies could be utilized.
  • Client’s 3rd party implementation partner built my “concept model” as an actual interface..

Challenges I Overcame

  • No familiarity with the controlled vocabularies.
  • No known construct for such an interface.

Direct Contributions

  • Concept Model / UX Design
  • Guidance
  • Content Strategy

Concept close-up

Wireframe sample

Wireframe sample

Wireframe sample