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IxDA Redesign

“Special thanks for the most cogent & detailed feedback from IxDA members goes to Maureen Murphy.”

Project Brief

Audit and send feedback to the Interaction Design Association regarding its redesign wireframes.

Success / Feedback

Many members in this large professional association responded with feedback but only I, and one other member, were mentioned by name in the Thank You message sent to the community.

Challenges That I Overcame

Critiquing the valiant efforts of the members who worked on the redesign required a delicate balance.

Being too soft would result in a site that did not meet the needs of the members.

Being too strong would insult the skills of colleagues in the community.

Direct Contributions

  • Deep analysis of the wires
  • Substantial, detailed, audit feedback

Deliverable was written, not visual, and is proprietary.

As such, it is not able to be showcased.