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Institute Site Pitch

“First of all, you’re fabulous…”

“I think your ‘through the eyes of ___’ idea is actually great — shows real world context.”

Project Brief

Create the information architecture and design options for a pitch to a newly formed institute.

Success / Feedback

The Creative Director led the project and was thrilled with my deliverable.  A while later, he recommended me to another agency.

Challenges That I Overcame

  • Since there was no existing site or content, regular site maps would not suffice to help the prospective client understand the content ideas the team had in mind. (So I created a “content” site map.)
  • The potential site content included a vast library of research which might be sought via a variety of different search criteria.
  • Since this was a pitch, a fully fleshed out design was not required. But, making an impact with the recommended content and high-level design ideas was the critical need. As such, wireframe details were dialed down a bit.

Direct Contributions

  • Information Architecture (“content site map”)
  • UX Design (wireframes)
  • Persona Matrix

Design sample close-Up

Wireframe sample

Wireframe sample

“Content” Site Map

Persona Matrix